Microgravity Surveys

Gravimetry measures the strength of a gravitational field. In geological mapping and subsurface resource exploration, maps of gravity variation with surface position are used to estimate rock densities at depth. In hydrocarbon or water production small gravity changes with calendar time at the surface or seafloor can be used to monitor the subsurface dynamic processes associated with the production.

Quad provides accurate monitoring at the seafloor of gravity and depth changes. The services include all stages of a monitoring project, starting with feasibility studies and going through station layouts, station deployment, data acquisition, data processing and time-lapse interpretation. Survey planning, data acquisition and data processing are core activities. Quad can take responsibility for all phases of the monitoring program, in a multi-year perspective. The client may involve him/herself at any level of detail.

Earth’s gravity measured by NASA’s GRACE mission, showing deviations from the theoretical gravity of an idealized smooth Earth, the so-called earth ellipsoid. Red shows the areas where gravity is stronger than the smooth, standard value, and blue reveals areas where gravity is weaker.

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