Products & Services

Quad Geometrics provides a wide array of geodetic sensors and services for several sectors: Energy, Undersea mining, Defense and Surveillance and Academia.  All our sensors are passive in nature, thus allowing for a very “green” footprint with no danger to sea life or in creating tectonic events.  Just as important, their level of resolution, precision and stability are unsurpassed in the marketplace.

The products and services include:

  • Microgravity surveys – for Energy and Undersea Mining sectors. Surveys cost a fraction of seismic, yield resolutions down to 1/2 meter (also a fraction of seismic) at depths of up to 5,000m and have no environmental impact.
  • Pressure measurement sensors and services – both campaign-style and semi-permanent sensors for the Energy sector.  Quad’s sensors can detect seafloor subsidence (from reservoir production), accumulating over months or years, totaling as little as 1cm with projections of 6mm per year.
  • Joint Seismic and Tilt Sensors – for Energy and Academia.  Monitoring of microseismic and tilt events aids in mapping complex fracture mechanics.  With low drift, a very broad dynamic range and resolution at 0.1 nanoradian, these sensors are also robust, handling temperatures up to 250°C.
  • Infrasound Detectionfor the Detection and Surveillance sectors and Academia.  Monitoring of both large-scale but distant signals (i.e. from rocket and missile launches, to artillery and nuclear test detection) as well smaller, local signals (i.e. foot traffic, boundary and barrier control) or even tornado modeling and tracking, is possible, with directionality and a broad dynamic range.

These products and services have broad market applications.

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