Oil & Gas Challenges

With high energy prices and increasing scarcity of new hydrocarbon resources, pressure on better utilization of the oil & gas fields will come from energy companies, from consumers and from  society. Much more data and better information will be required to optimally manage the reservoirs.

For offshore oil & gas fields, well information can be scarce, as they are widelygasandchallenges spaced. Often important decisions have to be made based on reservoir models which lack confirmation with field-scale observations.

Downhole sensors, careful collection of production data and 4D seismic have all contributed to fill into this knowledge gap. However, gravity changes and surface elevation changes (subsidence) above producing fields are new and unique sources of information that can refine a reservoir engineers model and reduce risk.

These are fairly inexpensive to acquire, but need careful planning and measuring to have a sufficient level of accuracy.

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