Undersea Mining

The 200 currently known undersea precious mineral deposits are within only the 5% of the ocean floor that has been mapped and these alone are valued at over $1 trillion.


Since the advent of more sophisticated and cost-effective undersea mining equipment in the last decade, coupled with either political sensitivities or relatively depleted terrestrial deposits, undersea mining is beginning to taking hold.

During the exploration and evaluation of the first undersea deposits, Quad’s technology was there. Off the coast of Papua New Guinea, vast deposits have been mapped through the sensitive measurement of gravity and pressure at 1,500 meters.  Production of these deposits is just beginning.

With Quad’s current products and services, operators are capable of achieving detailed maps of deposits below 3,500 meters.


And a new generation of technologies in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are expected to bring even further cost and speed benefits to mining operators.

Learn more about Quads’ gravity surveying methodology or other market applications.

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