Reservoir Monitoring (onshore)

Gravimeters during the Groningen 2015 survey.

The gravity survey methodology incorporated by Quad for offshore reservoir monitoring ihas been applied to onshore monitoring as well.  Quad’s  gravity instrumentation and survey capabilities can provide reliable time-lapse gravity maps to improve detection of oil and gas reservoir density changes through the life of the field.

Quad also produces an optical tiltmeter with low drift, high resolution, and wide dynamic range.  The instrument, useful for mapping and monitoring hydraulic fractures as well as for standard geotechnical applications, has proven reliable in multiple borehole deployments.  In direct field comparisons, Quads sensor was found to have 10x the resolution at one-tenth the drift.  Coupled with its optical fiber-based design, the sensor proves much more robust and cost-effective the electronic or bubble-based sensors.

Learn more about tiltmeters and their uses in well planning and hydrofracking or about other energy applications.

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