Detection and Surveillance

Monitoring of both large-scale but distant signals (i.e. from rocket and missile launches, to artillery and nuclear test detection) as well smaller, local signals (i.e. foot traffic, boundary and barrier control) or even tornado modeling and tracking, is possible with Quad Geometrics.

defensecopy4Our OFIS (Optical Fiber Infrasound Sensor) provides directionality information with each element, improved noise reduction (compare against a Rosette Array) and a broad dynamic range, all with a significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio.

OFIS nodes and elements are supported by a variety of options that add to flexibility, independence and longevity. Options to OFIS help create either a stand alone system or a single sensor that can be readily integrated into existing infrastructure.DefenseCopy2

Read more about the technology or contact us directly for more information regarding our capabilities and your alternatives concerning detection and surveillance needs.

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