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    Ola Eiken conceived the idea of offshore gravity monitoring for gas fields.  Together with Mark Zumberge, a way of carrying out a time-lapse gravity program was envisioned, and patent applications were submitted.

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    The first version of ROVDOG (Remotely Operated Vehicle Deep Ocean Gravimeter) was built by Mark Zumberge and co-workers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and a survey was performed on the Troll field in the North Sea.

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    The first patent on the gravity survey method was granted.

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     First repeat survey on Troll field proved sub-cm resolution in seafloor subsidence.

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    Third Troll survey was a breakthrough in gravity precision, with < 4 microGal repeatability. The paper “A new sea-floor gravimeter” on the method received best paper award in the journal Geophysics

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     Repeat Sleipner survey proved the applicability of gravity surveys to CO2 storage.

    A core technology for seismometry and tilt, the femtometer, is patented.

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     First surveys on Midgard and Mikkel gas fields, of much smaller size than Troll.  The first gravity survey for undersea minerals was also performed off of Papua New Guinea in the Bismark Sea for Nautilus Minerals.

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     Increased operational speed with consequential improved precision using a new-built ROV vessel (“Seabed Worker”)

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     Reservoir model on Midgard field based on the 2009 repeat gravity data predicted water breakthrough in a gas well – which happened shortly after.

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     Quad Geometrics is established as a commercial spin-off of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

    Quad’s joint seismometer/tiltmeter is benchmarked against the market-leader’s reference sensors, with Quad’s sensors achieving 10x higher resolution with an order of magnitude less drift.

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     The largest gravity and subsidence measurement campaign to date, comprising 5 fields and nearly 1,000 measurements, is carried out.  

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     Quad Geometrics Norway is established to provide a full complement of services for offshore reservoir monitoring using time-lapse gravity and height measurements. The 25th survey in 15 years is conducted by Quad personnel without a single injury.  4D seafloor gravity and subsidence surveys with high precision (2-3microGal and 2-5 mm) are now routine.  To date, Quad remains the only company to complete offshore micro-gravity data surveys.

    Quad’s semi-permanent self-calibrating pressure recorder (SCPR) is deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Data is successfully, remotely retrieved from the SCPR (Self-Calibrating Pressure Recorder) via WaveGlider® in the Gulf of Mexico.  Quad initiates volume SCPR production.

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    First onshore microgravity survey using Quad’s technology is carried through over the giant Groningen gas field in the Netherlands.

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    ROVDOG III.5 development completed, and first survey using the new instrumentation is carried through on the Troll field.

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